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Before going into surgery, I had read numerous articles on possible complications during and after the surgery, the recovery process and the equipment I would need. I’ve learned so much from YouTube users like FootlessJo and AmputeeOT and suggest going to their channel as they’ve helped me so much during this process.

Be careful of perverts.

There are people online that fetishize amputation and some scour social media looking for amputees. I never expected or was told of this possibility and definitely not how to manage them. The most important thing is not to provide them any sort of attention and ignore& block them. I’ve always had my social media private so that only friends and family are connected to me and I believe that has warded off a number of unwanted advances.

Don’t compare your recovery progress to others.

Looking at others recovery progress can be inspiring and uplifting but once you start thinking of “how come they’re walking before me”, “how come they can put on their liner so effortlessly?”  The surgeons may have cut slightly better, their city was the first to get access to a new more comfortable prosthetic.

We are all the same but we have different horizons and that’s what makes life interesting.

Just BE YOU.