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The following videos are 2 weeks before my amputation.

The following videos include learning of my surgery and meeting with specialists who confirm the need for the surgery and provide the surgery date with two weeks notice, informing my closest family and community members, and meeting with my prosthetic team.
Welcome to my VLOG. I decided to capture the journey I am about to undertake as a video diary for two reasons, to help me process emotionally and spiritually this life change; and secondly if the information I share helps to educate or encourage others, then I encourage you to follow and learn from my experience. The following nine videos follow me from learning that I was about to have my lower left leg amputated after years of pain to my surgery date. This was a very short period of time (2-3 weeks). There were people to tell. My business to protect. Equipment to buy. It was a busy time.

If you are a First Nation/Indigenous health promotor, I give you consent to use the videos in your workshops. Please acknowledging the source.

I only spent one night in hospital following my surgery. I had it at noon on the Wednesday and out by 11:30 a.m. on the Thursday. This videos document the first two weeks of recovery. Honesty, although everyone thought I was a hero for getting out and about 3 weeks after surgery and working at the time. I really do not remember in detail a lot. It was too much.
• Leaving the hospital
• Seeing the leg for the first time 2 weeks after surgery.
• Mirror therapy
• Christmas event commitment
• Happy New Year’s Tips and Insights

This is the 3-4 period of my amputation.  The more acute pain is just beginning to subside.  I see my Orthopedic surgeon. I still have two staff members working from my home which means I have to work 3 hours a day or more. And believe it or not I am already put in a prosthesis and putting weight on my leg.

  • My first follow-up with the Orthopedic Surgeon 3 weeks after surgery.
  • A vlog on my experience with a mishap in the hospital where I accidentally did not receive any pain medication post-op after my amputation.
  • How others around me are experiencing my amputation.
  • Emergency evacuation
  • First Time Walking

These videos show my in-patient rehabilitation.  I do get a weekend pass and share some thoughts on that.  I credit the in-patient rehabilitation with my incredible progress.  I was released one week earlier than expected. 

I went straight from the hospital to the airport.  I had business commitments to fulfill and flew to another city to facilitate a three day meeting.  It is difficult to believe today.  It was successful and enjoyable. And then BOOM COVID-19 hits and everything comes to a full halt including my business.

  • Flying as a 9 week amputee
  • Business meeting
  • What’s in my purse
  • It’s just a Glitch – when you go backwards in your progress
  • Facing COVID-19 as a new Amputee

Activities of Daily Living is my focus here particularly as we are isolated in our home. I live alone with my two young girls.  Some topics include

  • Managing stairs
  • Putting on the new leg
  • My physio exercises
  • Getting into the car
  • Depression, amputation and COVID-19
  • Walking outdoors on rough terrain to get the mail
  • Virtual physiotherapy (the new reality)
  • My morning routine as a new amputee

Changes are afoot.  I have hit the six foot mark post amputation.  My clunker of a temporary prosthesis designed to help build muscle (remember how thin I was in the earlier videos) will soon be replaced by a lighter laminate prosthesis.  I have now built up muscle in both legs.  We have also tried out a new liner to make my residual bony limb more comfortable in the prosthesis.  The following videos show me trying more active and sharing my experience with the changes.

  • The new gel liner – vlogs at the beginning, middle, end
  • Overcoming psychological hurdles as an amputee
  • My bedtime ritual
  • Mopping floors, risks and exercise

Zoo trip – From Heatwave to a non-stop pouring rain and how we managed as an amputee.  At one point I almost ask zoo staff to get us out of there in spite of the one-way directions.