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I am human and I have bad habits. Think of the bad habits you must have. I think the worst of my bad habits is being a pillow stealer. I bite my nails so now I get the nail technician to put a gel coating on top. I am known to use a few curse words when stressed, tired or in pain. My most famous bad habit is buying new cars to help others.

In rehabilitation to learn to walk again as a lower limb amputee, bad habits take on a whole new meaning. The rehab team is trying to retrain or re-wire my brain to walk in a different manner. They keep reinforcing, “We don’t want you to get into any bad habits.”
This is why on my first weekend pass home, I was not permitted a walker or allowed to walk at all. I was told to put my prosthesis on and wear it as long as possible each day. Why? So that I did not get into any bad habits. Oh and they were afraid I might fall and hurt myself. It has only been 5 sessions!

What are my bad habits in physio rehabilitation?

  • Not reaching back to the arms of my wheelchair first before sitting down
  • Not locking the brakes of the walker before sitting down
  • Turning by spinning on one foot instead of taking small steps on two feet
  • Putting my leg up on a pillow (with the end pointed down)
  • Not weight bearing on my prosthetic leg
  • Not wearing my shrinker all the time
  • Not putting my liner on as soon as I wake up

I am sure you will be able to add to the list. I am at the beginning of my journey. Brake and reach back always is my priority!

Andrea J Williams